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Published on July 16th, 2017 | by wonderboy


Synapse Audio Dune 2 + Keygen

dune22You remeber great vst synthesizer Dune from Synapse Audio right? Yep, Synapse Audio Dune 2 shows up and it is more in the same box. You can download it for free with links below. The GUI is lovely and sound quality still sounds awsome, maybe even better. So go for it! The GUI is exquisite and sound quality still sounds awsome, possibly better. So put it all on the line!
Synapse Audio has discharged DUNE 2, a real new form of the effective polyphonic synthesizer that joins VA/subtractive, Wavetable and FM amalgamation with a far reaching tweak framework, named the Differential Unison Engine (DUNE). Contrasted with its ancestor, DUNE 2 presents various new gimmicks and ideas, went for expanding both the sound quality and the adaptability of the synthesizer. The oscillator area now houses two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators every, a third oscillator and a clamor generator. With the 8x Unison peculiarity, up to 520 oscillators might be orchestrated for every note. At full 16 voices of polyphony, up to 8320 oscillators might be dynamic all the while.

The new zero-input channels impersonate the conduct of simple channels superior to long ago. Most channel models can achieve wavering toward oneself and peculiarity fitting thunderous tuning. Four graphical envelopes (MSEG) extraordinarily build the adaptability of the synthesizer and permit incorporating complex air sounds and surfaces. Harmony voices could be altered freely now, transforming DUNE 2 into a multi-part synthesizer. This encourages stacking diverse sounds and the combination of complex sounds. The synthesizer yield passes through two fantastic FX chains, holding EQ, Delay, Reverb, Distortion, Phaser, Chorus and Compression with different modes to look over. Impacts have a bigger number of parameters than beforehand, and the parameters might be tweaked by means of the tweak framework.

DUNE 2 was revised sans preparation, keeping in mind the end goal to give a yet higher sound quality and take into account a much more extensive scope of sounds. New oscillators, new channels, new impacts and graphical envelopes are only a percentage of the new increments. With a most extreme store of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, DUNE 2 is a genuine harmony creature, unrealistic to ever use up oscillators.

dune222DUNE 2 features

– VA, Wavetable and FM Synthesis.
– Two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators each.
– Third oscillator and noise generator.
– 8x Unison = up to 520 oscillators per note!.
– 16 voices of polyphony = up to 8320 oscillators total.
– Zero-delay feedback filters.
– Four graphical envelopes (MSEG).
– Modulation matrix for synth and FX parameters.
– Two Master FX busses with 9 high-quality effects each.
– Innovative Arpeggiator with MIDI file import.

Does this plugin/software work?


245 for YES / 33 for NO



MIRROR #1: http://bit.ly/1kpH8mb
MIRROR #2: http://bit.ly/1qaVw9x

(If your download doesn’t work, try downloading it from another mirror)



You can get password to the downloaded archive here:

[ http://bit.ly/1npej99 ]

or try mirror#1; mirror#2



1.Uninstall previous versions.
2.Unrar and install.
3.Check Keygen dir.

Plugin doesn’t work?

Sometimes plugins just don’t want to work on specific system configuration.
That is no problem. Just try to download other version of this plugin:

[ download Synapse Audio DUNE v.1.0.4 ]

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  1. David says:

    thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    where is download link???

    • olter says:

      there is some kind of a bug. click on the ‘download link’ and it will show up.

  3. anthony says:

    got it thx great

    • hola says:

      how did you get it isn’t there a password ?

  4. taz says:

    loving it

  5. krapan says:

    WOW i think its even better than Nexus2

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    all good

  8. julian says:

    me gusta es bueno el vst

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    nice vst
    thank you

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