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Published on November 17th, 2017 | by wonderboy


Native Instruments Reaktor 5 incl. Keygen

Reaktor 5 was my first real introduction to the abyss that is Native Instruments’ Reaktor product. If you are interested in designing sound creation machines without working with actual hardware (wiring, PCboards, components) then this is the tool for you. If you can imagine it, you can probably build it with Reaktor. If you’re not interested in building your own synths, this is also a fantastic platform for playing with pre-made synths. Reaktor comes with about 15 to 20 premade “pieces of kit” to play with. They’re all unique and show consideration for visual and ease of use design as well as functionality. Then, on top of that, there is the user library of 2000+ Reaktor creations.

niIf you are curious about building synths from scratch and have been interested in, but not so pleased with the results of, SynthEdit, Reaktor may be the tool for you. Unlike SynthEdit, the prefabs (called ensembles) sound amazing and you could spend hours just playing those. Also, the sound quality found in Reaktor is leaps and bounds better than SynthEdit. My only gripe between the two where SynthEdit wins is that you can build stand alone VSTs with SynthEdit. Surely some great sounding synths have come from SynthEdit; i’m not bashing SE at all, but i do think that the sound quality of Reaktor is far and away beyond that which is easily accomplished in SE. i really would like if Reaktor allowed you to build standalone VSTs, but that’s just my desire for minimalization with interface windows in my hosts.

Reaktor is a DEEP product. You don’t have to go deep with it if you don’t want to. Use it just as a player of other people’s constructions if you like. But if you REALLY want to explore, Reaktor gives you lightyears of space to work with. The documentation is pretty good, considering how complex this product can be. i haven’t built anything from scratch myself, but i am eager to learn and Reaktor doesn’t leave you scratching your head as to how and why it works. The manuals cover all the components in at least a useful and functional way. The new features are nice. Having fully customizable UI design is great for making ensembles “feel” unique from each other. i’ve toyed with previous versions and it’s nice to have different UI looks as part of the overall experience. One of the new features is called Core components and i wont even try to talk about them here. If you’re a very serious synth designer, you’ll love it.


Look at the Core View.

If you only ever want to get one soft synth, get Reaktor. Reaktor is like having the box of parts that Native Instruments uses to build their products. You can play forever or you can build forever. If you do choose to get more than one soft synth, get the rest of Native Instruments’ stuff. All NI products are great. (no, i don’t work for them).

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Size: 354,7 MB


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1. Unrar.
2.Burn or mount the image.
3. Install.

(All instructions are also included in downloaded pack.)

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8 Responses to Native Instruments Reaktor 5 incl. Keygen

  1. avide says:

    please upload new version with Blocks! need it so much

  2. kouider22 says:

    merci merci…..

  3. goime says:

    Nicely done audio brothers 🙂

  4. The Fudge says:

    deze site is geweldig. dank je wel!

  5. badbadnotgood says:

    this program is incredible! i just made my first instrument 😀 thanks S-H!

  6. Scof says:

    ive installed this torrent perfectly, works great. does this come with ALL the plugins (effects, synths etc..) ?
    seems a bit light.

  7. tylerdurden68 says:

    Thank you for the upload. I followed all the steps but when I try to run Reaktor as a standalone app the icon bounces on the dock forever and nothing happens. It does work flawlessly as a VST plug-in and AU in Ableton Live 8.2.6.

  8. ishtar says:

    could you please upload some reaktor plugins too. i love this program. Native instruments rocks1

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