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Published on November 16th, 2017 | by wonderboy


Ableton Live Suite v9.0.5 incl. KEYGEN

Designed a decade ago as a live performance tool, Ableton Live has progressed from a live audio toy and mash-up-meister to a fully-fledged audio and MIDI production powerhouse. Whether it’s a DJ mix platform, sole studio companion or useful part of an integrated studio, more and more people are getting onboard. And it’s just hit version 9.

ableton-live-9There’s a wealth of new features that have been implemented to make the workflow of this unique DAW even more refined — and more powerful. One of the headline additions to the new version is the Glue compressor. Adapted from Cytomic’s The Glue, it is a nicely modelled version of the classic SSL compressor used on countless pop hits and boasts an incredible knack of pulling mixes together.

In a nod to modernity, it can react much faster than the original SSL (allowing it to act as a limiter), offers true side-chaining (for Prydz-esque pumping), and features a dry-wet control which can sound great for battering a drum track without making it sound flat.
The existing effects found in Live, Compressor and Gate, have also been updated to offer real-time graphical interfaces, showing exactly what they are doing to a signal as it happens. These help novices to understand what is going on and give a visual warning when users are over-compressing.
There are also various other improvements to the original program, including additional meters, controls and various little tweaks, so Live users with huge plug-in libraries would do well to revisit these staples.

Live was originally designed as a live performance tool, hence the name, but it rapidly became the weapon of choice for many DJs who started to explore the wonderful world of digital DJing. The advantage that seamless beat-matching and tempo-synced effects brought was obvious, but in order to play tracks you first had to warp them, which even with auto-warping was still rarely perfect without manual tweaking; sometimes a real pain. Nor was Live adept at handling tracks with tempo changes or playing tracks with radically different BPMs. Then there was always the temptation to mix about five tracks at once, which felt heroic, but rarely sounded good on the dancefloor.

session-auto-fullSo is it still good for DJing? Truthfully, it’s not as immediate and versatile as say, Traktor, or Pioneer’s Rekordbox-enabled CDJs, and doesn’t feature proper scratch control in the way that the aforementioned Serato et al do. But for a more performance-oriented approach, and so-called live shows, it can be great.

It really comes into its own for podcasts, radio shows or mix CDs. It offers the invaluable ability to process each track with pro limiters and EQ to ensure there are no sonic jumps (much less apparent on a big club system) and, crucially, to easily edit tracks and a whole mix down to size. People love eight-minute epic versions with three breakdowns in clubs, but a whole generation has grown up on a diet of Ministry compilations with 20+ tracks per CD and heavily edited radio mixes, so they tend to expect more tracks and less repetition in their own time. Live is great for DJing, but it is now coming into its own as a monster of a production tool.

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7 Responses to Ableton Live Suite v9.0.5 incl. KEYGEN

  1. David says:

    gooooooooooooooood ok

  2. Ezrae says:

    Working on MAC yeah!

  3. samu says:


  4. Bach says:

    Would you guys do for Mac OS X ( Maverick ) 64 bit please. Thanks for the hard work, you guys awesome.

    • admin says:

      We are working on it 😉

  5. KelleyBates says:

    Very easy to set up, Thanks a lot!

    So far it’s running slow compared to ableton 8, however I think it’s just because I’m transferring a bunch of files to an external hardrive and my laptop is running on battery rather than receiving a constant energy source right now. Will hopefully be fine, thanks for the quick and painless crack!

  6. granny says bump says:

    woow … thats nice. does it comes for free? 😛

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